Who are we?


January 2020 – Ground UP Adventures North is being put on hold.  We are planning on travelling for a while then plan to move out to British Columbia upon our return where we’ll hopefully continue to build outdoor adventure in kids and families.  We’ve had an amazing adventure here in Winnipeg and thank everyone for their interest and participating in our adventures. 

Here at Ground Up Adventures – North our main focus area is encouraging local youth to adventure outside the box. We want to increase access to different adventure based activities in Winnipeg and Manitoba. We’re working with other community and regional groups to create things like youth/family adventure events and races.  Our goal is to make these events as affordable as possible, so kids from every economic background have the opportunity to participate.

We love discovering and approaching our own potentials, and we want to help kids along their own journey. It’s amazing what happens when one realizes what they are capable of and actually live their lives guided by that awareness.

Everyone that works on our team is a volunteer and an adventure racer.  We love the sport and want to share that love and learning with a new generation. We give of our time so that you can have a great time.

Our group is also very conscious of the earth around us, so we try to leave as small of a footprint as we can at each event.  We also try to pass this knowledge onto our youth as part of their learning and growth.

We’d like to thank Orienteering Manitoba who helps provide us with maps and support for our events.

We are a sister organization to Ground Up Adventures, based in North Dakota.

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