GUP North Running Club

GUP North Running Club is aimed at kids aged 7-10. We run this program for 4-6 weeks in April and September.

Each week kids participate in fun and energetic activities designed around going off trail, getting wet and muddy and increasing our endurance and agility. Activities include obstacle running, hill running, and mud run style activities.  Each session will run for an hour with two activities planned. The first half an hour gets us moving and active in different styles of relay and running games.  The second activity is loosely structured. We often venture into an area of the woods to run and explore on deer trails, adventuring with whatever objects we may find along the way, seeking out mud and swamps as much as possible.

We have a minimum supervision of 1 supervisor per 5 children (often our ratio is closer to 3:1).

Run club costs $35 for our spring session and $25 for our fall session.  Course payment includes a t-shirt that kids should wear each week (and keep).  We will start each evening at 6:30pm. Park location reminders will be sent out in an email before the session begins.




Shoes: We recommend a trail shoe (no hiking boots!) with an aggressive and grippy sole to handle loose trails and uneven terrain. ‘Old’ shoes with little to no tread should be avoided. These shoes will most likely get wet and muddy week to week. To dry them out at home quickly, put pieces of balled up newspaper inside the shoe and leave them overnight. They’ll absorb most of the water and be ready to go in a day or two.

Clothing: Should be weather appropriate. Loose fitting, lightweight & breathable materials are ideal. A waterpoof shell is great in wet conditions. Pants are ideal, as they’ll keep the child’s legs protected from small branches when we run off trail. Ideally clothing should be made of a synthetic material or wool. These materials will do a much better job of keeping your child warm when they’re wet. Please avoid cotton and jeans (including cotton socks). If you aren’t a fan of the inside of your car getting dirty then we suggest that you come prepared with a change of clothes and/or towels to help protect your car seats.

In general we will run rain, hail, snow or shine. If Environment Canada issues a Weather Warning for lightning we may cancel a session.  You will be notified by email by 5pm the day of if we’ve cancelled for the evening.