Family Adventure Races

So what exactly is a family adventure race you ask?

It’s a multi-sport event where families or youth teams work together to find hidden 28653304924_408a65555e_zcheckpoints using a map and compass.  You’ll run, bike, boat, and complete mystery challenges in the spring/summer/fall races.  In winter races we’ll have running, snowshoeing, sledding and mystery challenges.  We design these courses specifically for families and youth. You can race with your kids or nieces and nephews, or the kids can form a team of their own if they have some basic orienteering skills (ages 10 and up). The teams that collect the most checkpoints in the shortest amount of time are the winners.

Our family adventure races require no prior experience, last 2-3 hours, and focus on having fun as much as building confidence and outdoor skills in area youth.

Families are to travel as a team, leaving no more than 30 metres between family members at any part of the race.  This means you can’t send family members ahead to collect checkpoints while others wait to catch up.  Start as a team, travel as a team, finish as a team.  Learning together is all apart of the experience!

We’ve had kids as young as 1 participate in our races, some families even come in for a nap, then head back out to have more fun.

What should I bring?

For the fall/spring races a bicycle will always be a benefit (child carriers are more than welcome in any form), water/snacks, and a fun attitude on getting muddy and trying new things.

We’ll provide everything you need for the water sections and mystery challenges.

Past Races

2018: LaBarriere Park Fall Race, results,  Photos

2017: Assiniboine Forest Fall Race, results, photos

2017: Fort Whyte Alive Winter Race, results

2016: La Barriere Park Summer Race, results, video, photos

2016: Fort Whyte Alive Winter Race, results, photo set 1, photo set 2

2015: Fort Whyte Alive Fall Race, results, video, photos

2014: Assiniboine Forest Spring Race, results, video, photo set 1, photo set 2

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